SC8in1 Assembly List

Label on the PCBPart
K1-K8Pin row 2*5 pole, straight
CON2Pin row 2*10 pole, wound
R1-R8Resistor 10 Ohm 1/4W
R9Resistor 10 Kilo Ohm 1/4W
N1-N6Resistor network 10Kilo Ohm star-connection (5X-1-103) (4 resistors)
C1-C6Condenser 0,1 microfarad
D1-D4Diode BAT43
D5-D8Diode 1N4148
Q1-Q8Crystal 3.579MHz, 6.000MHz or other, as needed.
CON1Slot RJ45
CON3Slot 3 pole, wound.
CON4A+BSlot 2*6=12 pole, wound.

The CON1 (RJ45) slot is used only for Nokia dbox2 and Sagem dbox2 for the purpose of leading the lines for one smartcard slot outside.

CON3, CON4A+B is used only for Philips dbox2 - forr the connector of the modem-stiftleiste. CON3, CON4A+B are soldered at the back side of the PCB: