MAKInterface is a universal interface, capable to connect various devices to the PC and can be used for:

Smartcard reader / writer for Whitewafer, Goldwafer, PicCard2, FunCard, Jupiter, DSS, GSM-cards, phonecards and compatible smartcard emulators. Integrated is a exchangeable 3.579545MHz oscillator, which can be easily replaced by a 6.0MHz crystal.

Smartcard logger / emulator - Season7, ASIM, etc. compatible; Emulation of GSM, D2Mac, etc.; Data Interception between the smartcard and the master device; Emulation of Whitewafer, Goldwafer, Jupiter1, Funcard and other smartcards

Programming of Atmel MCU, DataFlash, EEprom, PIC, hopping encoder / decoder, Fuse Rom, ...

Connection PC - GSM phones, configuration, programming and management

Memory-management and control of amateur radios / scanner

Connection of magneticstripe card readers, temperature-sensors, AD-converter, and every other TTL devices to the PC

Decoding Pocsag, FMS, due to integrated high quality Hamcom compatible FSK decoder

Diagnostic and configuration of cars, which posses a ALDL 8192/160 baud interface

Due to the various opportunities of jumper-settings, MAKInterface is compatible to the most used programmers as CBUS, DumbMouse, FBUS, Harpune, JDM, LudiPipo, M2BUS, Phoenix, Season7, SmartMouse and all this without any external power supply. So it is possible to use a almost unlimited library of free software from the internet, for almost any application.

00115Art. 00115
59.00 EUR
88.50 USD
MAKInterface Pro LP with build-in crystal 3.579 MHz and exchangeable crystal 6.0 MHz


We would like to emphasize following application opportunities of MAKInterface:

Amateur Radio / Scanner memory managment and control

YAESU : VX1R,VX5R,FT50,FT51,FT40,FT10, FT8000, FT8100, FT8500, FT9XX,...

ICOM : IC-Q7, IC-R2, IC-R10, IC-T7, IC-T8, IC-T81, IC-W32, IC-706 (MKIIG),...

Kenwood: TM-V7, TM-G707, TH-G71, TS440S, ...

Optoelectronics Scout: AR2700,AR8000,AR8200; Alinco DJ-X10, ...

FSK Decoder for digital radiodata decoding. (Hamcom compatible)


Organizer, Calculator

Casio Organizer Series NX,CSF,SF ; Sharp Organizer; TI Calculator, ...

Casio Calculator FX-7400G, CFX-9850G, CFX-9930GT, FX-9700GE, CFX-9800G

Pager Programming

Advisor, Scriptor, ....

PIC, EEprom and MCU Programmer (Com84, Ludipipo, PonyProg, ... compatible

PIC12C5xx,12C67x,16C55x,16C6x,16C62x, 16C66x,16C67x, 16C7x, 16C77x, 16C8x, 16F8x, 16C87x, 16C9xx,...

ATtiny11/12/15/22, AT90S1200, AT90S2313, AT90S2343, AT90S4414, AT90S8515, AVRmega, AT89S8252, AT89S53

Motorola 68HC05, 68HC11, 68HC711, ... read&write internal EEPROM, read ROM+RAM+Register

DataFlash AT45D011/021/041/081/161/321

Serial EEproms 24(L)CXX (I2C), 25XXX (SPI), 59(L)Cxx, 93(L)XXX (Microwire), ...

SDE2516, SDE2526, SDA2546, SDA2586, SDA3546, SDA3586, SDE2506. PCF85xx and other I2C EEproms

Code Hopping Decoders / Encoders HCSxxx

Parallel PROMs,EPROMs,EEPROMs,Flash EEPROMs (5V und 12V) 27xxx, 27Cxxx, 28Cxxx, 28Fxx, 29Fxxx,
(only with the optional with our MCU/EEPROM adapter kit, free Parallel Ports on the PC are required)

Smartcard Reader / Writer

DumbMouse, Phoenix, SerProg, SmartMouse, LudiPipo, Harpune, ... compatible, PC/SC driver available

Memory SmartCards read/write: Telecards, I2C, 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire, microwire, SPI, DataFlash, ...

CPU Smartcards read/write: T=0, T=1, ... all asynchrone cards with 3.58 MHz clock, the Pro version also any other clock frequency

GSM Sim Cards, DSS, CryptoFlex, CyberFlex, GPK2000, MPCOS, MultiFlex, PayFley, Starcos

Whitewafer Smartards (MM), Goldwafer Smartcards (MM2), Funcard, Jupiter1, ...

Smartcard Logging and Emulation

Season7, ASIM, ... compatible

Emulation of GSM, D2Mac, ...

Data Interception between the smartcard and the master device

Emulation of Whitewafer, Goldwafer, Jupiter1, Funcard and other smartcards

GSM Mobile Phones

FoneBook-, NokiaCellularDataSuite-, WinTesla-, SiemensSoftDataLink-compatible)

Ericsson 8xx, 7xx, 6xx, 3xx, ... (supports normal and test mode)

Nokia 8110, 6110, 6130, 6150, 5110, 3210, 3110, 2110 ... (supports FBUS und M2BUS)

Siemens C/M/S 35, C25, C25Power, S3, S4, S6, S10, S11, S25 ...

also Alcatel, Motorola, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem, Samsung and other phones ...

ALDL 8192/160 Baud Interface

Other TTL Devices

Magnetstripecard - readers to the serial port

Temperature sensors to the serial port, you up to 8 sensors DS1621 (cost less then 6,00 DM) can be connected

A/D converter

Light to frequency conversion sensors

every other TTL device or sensor ...

MAKInterface has to be connected to a free 25pole serial port. In case the PC has only 9pole serial ports, a 25pole-to-9pole adapter is needed.

00310Art. 00310
4.60 EUR
6.90 USD
25pole to 9pole RS232 adapter


or a RS232 extension cord 1.8m, 25 to 9 pole D-SUB

00305Art. 00305
4.60 EUR
6.90 USD
RS232 extension cord 1.8m, 25 to 9 pole D-SUB


The complete electronic is inside MAKInterface. In order to connect it to various devices, only additional connectors and cables are needed. We are offering as accessories a wide range of various connectors and cables for multiple applications.

Pinouts for various devices, supported by MAKInterface are available in the Support menu.  

The greatest advantage of MAKInterface is its modularity. Accessories, which can be combined or used separately, for various application are available. The required power supply - 5 V for most applications and up to 12 V for PIC programming - is taken from the RS232 port and so it is perfectly suitable for mobile application.

You don't have to carry everything with you, only the accessories that you will need.


For GSM phones, radios, scanner, 
organizer, calculators
Only a additional cable/plug

For smartcards, GSM cards, telecards, 
I2C, 2-wire, 3-wire, wafer,
Only a additional smartcard socket

For PICs, MCUs, EEPROMs and other chips
Only the adapter


And other devices, like magneticstripe card reader or temperature sensores can also be connected to the PC


MAKInterface was developed for mobile applications and with the small housing masses 55mm*17mm*66mm and the internal voltage supply, it is in the best way suitably for it.

The voltage supply is taken from the serial port. For most applications no external voltage supply is necessary. However, in order to achieve a large compatibility to the existing software, a plug exists for an external voltage supply of 5V (recommended are 4*NiCd batteries. 1.2V = 4.8V)

In addition also a inverter is integrated, so the possibility is given to invert all or individual lines. Thus highest compatibility is ensured, for current and future applications, by the most diverse adjustment possibilities.

With this ability, MAKInterface can be used with a multiplicity of freeware, shareware as well as commercial software applications.

MAKInterface is suitable for 5V and also for 3.0V applications, full-duplex (3 lines) is supported as well as half-duplex (2 lines), with and without handshake.

CE (corresponds the EMV specifications: EN55022B and EN50082-1)

Our products are delivered without software. MAKInterface supports a great number of Freeware / Shareware applications, which can be found on the internet.

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