SC8in1 - Installation Procedure for Sagem dbox2

SC8in1 is placed in the Sagem dbox2 instead of the modem. After opening the housing, the modem is removed and the SC8in1 inserted instead.

Sagem dbox2 with modem

Sagem dbox2 with removed modem

The 20 pole connector for establishing the connection between Sagem dbox2 - SC8in1 is connected on the one side to the Sagem dbox2 modem - cable.

ConnectorModem - Cable
84 (RTS)
92 (RX)
101 (TX)
139 (5V)
188 (CTS)
1910 (DTR)
203 oder 7 (GND)

Number 1 on the connector is marked with a triangle. On the modem-cable number one is marked with red or white color.

20 poliger Pfostenstecker


Afterwards SC8in1 has to be placed in the Sagem dbox2 at the place of the modem, the screw tight up and connected with the modem - cable.

Connection of SC8in1

Now the two flat cables have to be inserted into the Philips / Sagem adapter (article Nr. 01200) and connected with SC8in1.

Insert flat cable into the adapter

Connection to SC8in1

The adapter has to be isolated or fixed on the housing

The voltage at Com2 (modem port) of the Sagem dbox2 is very weackh, the decrease of the voltage can cause problems with particular smartcards. In order to eliminate this, the voltage can be taken from 7805 (QQ1618) - which is placed in the power supply. Pin-13 of the connector has to be disconnected from Pin-9 (5V) of the modem - cableand connected with Pin-3 from 7805 instead.