PCB with IC-Sockets for emulation of Whitewafer, Goldwafer, TwinPic, Triplecard, Quardacard, Funcard, Jupiter1 and other Smartcards

This PCB (article nr. 00529) posses sockets for PIC's, Atmel, and EEPROMs, so a great amount of smartcards can be emulated as for example Whitewafer, Goldwafer, Jupiter1, Funcard, and other smartcards.

Various chips can be placed onto the sockets of the PCB and so a easy and quick emulation of a quantity of smartcards is possible.

By placing the required chips on the PCB, without soldering, You get a full Goldwafer-, Jupiter1-, Funcard-compatible smartcard.

Here some examples for emulation of various smartcards:

MultiMac I (White Wafer = 16F84)

Multimac II (Gold Wafer=16F84+24C16)


TwinPIC (2*16F84)

Triple Card (2*16F84+24C16)


Quarda Card (2*16F84+2*24C16)

Jupiter1 (90S2323/43+24C16)


Funcard (90S8515+24C65)

In case of Funcard emulation, the EEPROM is placed below the Atmel8515 CPU due to the lowered contacts

Also other combinations can be made as for example:

90S8515 (8KbyteFlash) + 24C512 (65Kbyte EEPROM)

89S53 (12Kbyte Flash) + 24C512 (65Kbyte EEPROM)

and others